The 2014-2015 school year marked the first year that students in grade 3-8 and high school participated in the PARCC assessments in English Language Arts and Mathematics. PARCC complements, but does not replace, the existing Maryland School Assessment Program, which assesses performance in science in grades 5 and 8; the Maryland School Alternate Assessment (for students with disabilities); or the Maryland High School Assessments in Biology and Government. In addition students take other assessments such as the National Assessment of Educational Progress and college readiness tests like AP and SAT. Students who are identified as English learners also take an annual English language proficiency assessment.

Your school results on these assessments are summarized here. Clicking on the summarized results will lead you to graphs and more details. Clicking on the grade level will show you results by student group.

2017 Partnership for Assessment Of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC)

In 2015 Maryland implemented the new Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) state assessments in reading and mathematics. The new assessments replace the Maryland School Assessments in English and Mathematics in grades 3-8, and replace the High School Assessments in Algebra and English 10 for all students not graduating in 2015.

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    2016 Maryland School
    Assessment (MSA)

    The Maryland School Assessment Program includes annual assessments in grades 3-8 Alternate and high school assessments (HSA). In grades 3-8, assessments are reported from the academic year in which they were taken. High school students take end of course exams to meet accountability requirements. During the transition to PARCC, students may take PARCC or meet accountability requirements with an HSA assessment taken during 2014-2015 or earlier. Reported here are 2016 science results for grades 3-8 and HSA performance results for English, Algebra and Biology.

    %Proficient + Advanced
    Am.Ind/AK  *
    Asian  94.1
    African Am.  84.3
    Hispanic  85.0
    HI/Pac.Isl.  *
    White  ≥95.0
    2+  ≥95.0
    Male  90.4
    Female  93.5
    504  82.4
    FARMS  80.0
    LEP  *
    Migrant  *
    Special Ed.  50.0
    Title I  *
    Am.Ind/AK  *
    Asian  94.4
    African Am.  82.9
    Hispanic  83.3
    HI/Pac.Isl.  *
    White  91.1
    2+  87.0
    Male  84.9
    Female  91.3
    504  66.7
    FARMS  81.3
    LEP  *
    Migrant  *
    Special Ed.  36.4
    Title I  *
    Am.Ind/AK  *
    Asian  ≥95.0
    African Am.  88.7
    Hispanic  89.2
    HI/Pac.Isl.  *
    White  ≥95.0
    2+  87.0
    Male  94.0
    Female  93.4
    504  ≥95.0
    FARMS  84.4
    LEP  *
    Migrant  *
    Special Ed.  52.4
    Title I  *

    2016 Alternate MSA

    The Alternate Maryland School Assessment is the Maryland assessment in which students with the most significant cognitive disabilities participate if through the IEP process it has been determined they cannot participate in the MSA even with accommodations. The ALT-MSA assesses and reports student mastery of individually selected indicators and objectives from the reading and mathematics content standards or appropriate access skills.

    %Proficient + Advanced
    Math Reading 2016 Science

    2015 High School

    All students who entered 9th grade in or after 2005 must meet assessment requirements in order to meet graduation requirements. Students take four assessments after they successfully complete the corresponding courses including Algebra/Data Analysis, Biology, Government, and English. For more information on meeting graduation requirements go to

    2016 College Readiness

    Student performance on tests used by colleges to determine student preparation for college success.

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